Friday, May 21, 2010

And Two Years Later....

Can't believe my last entry was over 2 years ago. Life seems more settled, now....more routine. Two years ago, we were in the midst of our final frozen embryo transfer. The transfer never took place as our embryo did not make it through through the thawing process. It took a few months to recover from that, to say the least. We moved into our first house last summer. Max started kindergarten and Jozey is in pre-K. I started running, just to give myself an outlet and much needed "me" time.

Much has happened in these two years. Max has continued to progress. He is now 6.5 and communicates verbally, where he used to rely on singing. His speech (articulation) has improved to the point where even strangers can understand him. He uses a reverse walker to get around in he community. He can write his name clearly. And, he can even sound out the letters of an unfamiliar word and "read" it. In short, he continues to amaze and inspire me every day.

My sweet daughter, Jozey, is on the brink of turning 4. Yes, 4! She is a fierce, independent spirit with a level of compassion beyond her years. It's been such fun watching the two of them together. They actually enjoy playing with each other providing me a much needed respite every so often....even if it's just to sit by myself and fold the laundry.

I suppose we're gradually finding our own "normal"....and, in the process, I'm trying desperately to find myself.