Saturday, February 23, 2008

Where oh where did the month go???

I can't believe February is almost over! Ugh! The month has been quite a blur. Both kids got sick early in the month. Both kids ended up on antibiotics. And, I've had to keep Max home from school since the beginning of the month. While Jozey seems to be doing better (although she did start blowing some nasty green gunk from her nose today), Max has been fighting and fighting. The antibiotics gave him a bad case of diarrhea and, although we're finished with the meds, he's still experiencing severe diarrhea. Thank goodness for the g-tube -- we've at least been able to keep him hydrated and somewhat nourished. He's had blood tests to check his blood count and electrolytes and a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. So far, so good. Now we're just waiting on stool cultures to determine whether or not he may have some sort of intestinal infection. Fun, right??? We had one day where Max had a dozen diarrhea diapers! He's lethargic and has no interest in doing anything other than watching videos.

It has been a frustrating month. I feel so helpless during these times. I wonder if I'm missing a symptom that might give us a clue as to why he's been so sick. I wonder if the current medication regime to treat his chronic medical issues might actually contribute to what is going on right now.

I know that we just need to get to the other side of this situation; that this experience will add to my knowledge base about Max's medical needs. But, that doesn't make the day to day any easier.


Angela said...

(((hugs))) -- Heesun, I am so sorry to hear how sick the kids were. Poor Max -- I hate to see them so sick like that.

I hope this message finds things much better at your house.


niobe said...

Sorry to hear about the kids. You know, everyone I've spoken to (including me), has been incredibly sick this winter, with flus and illnesses of various kinds that just don't seem to go away.