Thursday, June 24, 2010

What A Year!

Summer vacation has officially begun! It has been a wonderful year full of growth, new experiences and many, many new friends. And, as with most transitions in life, the end of this year marks the beginning of a new phase in our lives. Max will be attending a general ed kindergarten class this coming fall. For the first time, he will be in a classroom with all typical peers....and lots of them! In our area, we have what's called "special day classes" for kids who need a separate classroom environment with more aides and fewer students, all of whom has IEPs (individualized education plans). Max has been in such an environment since he started his educational journey, beginning with an early intervention program at 20 months.

This past year, he was in an SDC Kindergarten class, with daily mainstreaming for part of the day into a general ed kindergarten. When we attempted the mainstreaming last year, he wasn't ready. He would spend the entire time with his hands over his face, quiet and overwhelmed. This year....a totally different story. He has participated freely, joined his classmates without hesitation and had lots of fun. He has matured! And, now we ready for the next step...general ed!

I'm nervous, excited and so very proud of my little guy! He has worked so very hard this year. He has grown physically, emotionally and academically. Congratulations, Max, on a job well done!

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